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Dawn's Early Light - Dachshund Lake View Jigsaw Puzzle - Available in Multiple Sizes 110, 252, 520, 1014-piece

Dawn's Early Light - Dachshund Lake View Jigsaw Puzzle - Available in Multiple Sizes 110, 252, 520, 1014-piece

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Unveil the tranquility of a lakeside sunrise piece by piece with our "Dawn's Early Light - Dachshund Lake View Jigsaw Puzzle." This picturesque puzzle portrays the serene silhouette of a mini dachshund basking in the early morning glow, set against a breathtaking watercolor backdrop of a tranquil lake awakening to the day.

Jigsaw puzzles are more than just a pastime; they're a path to mindfulness, a way to reduce stress, and a means to foster connection and teamwork. Engaging the mind with the challenge of a puzzle can help improve memory, problem-solving skills, and concentration. As a family activity, it promotes communication and collaboration, while for solo puzzlers, it offers a meditative escape from the daily grind.

Available in a choice of 110, 252, 520, or 1014 pieces, this puzzle suits any skill level and interest, from the casual enthusiast to the dedicated puzzle master. Each option provides a glossy laminated finish, giving the final image a vibrant and eye-catching sheen that’s perfect for display.

Constructed from durable 100% chipboard, this puzzle is designed to last, allowing you to revisit the peaceful scene time and time again. The puzzle's horizontal orientation captures the landscape's expansive beauty, ensuring every session is a journey through art.

Every pack includes a reference print to guide you through the assembly, making the experience seamless from the first touch to the last piece. "Dawn's Early Light - Dachshund Lake View Jigsaw Puzzle" is a game and interactive art that brings the beauty of nature and the love of dogs into your home.

  110 pcs (Horizontal) 252 pcs (Horizontal) 520 pcs (Horizontal) 1014 pcs (Horizontal)
W in 10.00 13.50 20.00 28.50
H in 7.99 10.59 15.98 19.02

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