Mr. B's Daily Journal

Mr. B's Daily Journal

"Mr. Babic’ sat at his desk, head in hands, blindly staring down at the mess of papers, toys, and unnamed objects on his desk. Another Thursday was over, and the kids were gone for the day. All one hundred and eighty kids attended for the first time in months; thirty kids each in six classes. His daily journal splayed open, waiting patiently for him to enter his daily reflection of what worked and didn’t work in his seventh-grade math class. Did he say the right things? Did he use understandable examples? Was he fair when he sent the boys in the back to the office? The journal before him answered those questions in its last pages for previous days. He felt the practice to be helpful in the long term but tedious and sometimes disturbing in the short term. Even if he knew deep in his heart that he messed up the day, there was something to learn from himself for tomorrow, if he could just muster up the last bit of energy to begin writing his honest notes for the day.

The weather outside had turned dark and rain pelted his window. He peaked through his fingers at his reflection, smiled and began to write."

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